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Generally I am into all things raw: raw tuna, raw edge hems, raw emotion.  So when I heard about RAW Artists, I knew it had to be good. So what exactly is it? RAW Artists was founded to shed light on emerging designers and artists of all mediums.  From dance to photography to fashion—it’s all happening and it’s all here.  With shows going on in major cities all over the globe, it is a celebration of the arts like no other.

On January 25th I had the honor of participating in the RAW showcase: “RAW Chicago Presents CUSP”.  My collection for the show echoed the elevated separates that make up Emah The Label, but with a bold desert palette and textured, comfortable textiles.  As per usual, I am coveting tie backs and elastic waistbands.  Both Aesthetically pleasing and comfort maximizing—I can’t help but give them the attention they deserve!  These dark and moody images are so opposite the bright aesthetic I tend to gravitate towards and I am totally digging them! Enjoy! 

XX Ellie

Photos by:

Lenny Gilmore //  http://lennygilmore.com/

Alexander Hawn //  https://AlexHawn.smugmug.com/

ALT Imagery // www.altimagery.com

Venue: The Metro // http://metro30.metrochicago.com/


Morgan Sostarich, Amanda Weinper, Annamalis Sharp, Marielle Schuchardt, Cali Kvistad







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Envision: imagine as a future possibility; visualize.

How do you visualize when you don't know what is coming next?  How do you imagine which decisions you will make when the future possibilities are so uncertain?  This was my reality as I was preparing for the Fall 2016 Envision show.  

I had made up my mind to leave my job and to leave New York City, but didn't quite know what my next steps would be.  It was during this time that I committed to participating in the show and so it became very clear what the theme of my collection would be: transition. 

Transition: the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

This transpired so naturally into the clothing, and I identified so strongly with the pieces that came to be.  I learned that as we transition, we take some things with us, and leave others behind, a concept I applied both literally and artistically to the collection through various elements that flowed in and out of the garments to tell that story. 

This collection and the story it tells was pivotal for me both personally and professionally, and is one that I am very grateful for--I hope you enjoy!

Runway photos by Josh Stokes.

Styling by Amy Shetler.

Models: Ignite 

Blurred Lines Between Work & Hobbies

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Maintaing (or rather striving for) balance is always a priority of mine no matter which aspect of my life it pertains to.  This can be particularly difficult when it comes to my work and my hobbies, especially when working in a creative arena.  While it is often tricky to separate the two, or decide where to focus my energy in order to attain that balance, I am coming to terms with the fact that it is OK for some lines to be blurry.  This became clear to me most recently in a  project where I was determined to incorporate one of my oldest and dearest hobbies: painting.    

Painting has always been not only incredibly enjoyable but also wildly therapeutic for me.  In high school, I took every painting class available to the point where an "individual study" course was created for me and a couple of other art students who just couldn't get enough.  I loved spending the hour after lunch in the sunlit studio of the school.  I felt completely removed from the rest of my day, a welcomed interruption from the rigid demands of my other courses. 

When I entered the apparel design program in college, my studio hours became understandably more focused on the art of clothing design and construction but I missed the form of expression I found in painting.  Now, I have found a way to bring painting back into my life while still pursuing fashion, in the most obvious form: paint the clothes.  While treating textiles in this manner is still very experimental for me, I welcome the opportunity to grow in a new direction, and learn something new along the way.     

Do you have a hobby you have lost touch with? Can you find a way to bring it back into your life? Do it! Do more of what you love and more of what makes you happy : ) 




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Staying true to Emah’s core of “elevated essentials” the items brought to you this spring and summer season are taking on a more sporty and more convertible vibe.  From brunching, to rooftop gatherings, to beach barbecues, or just running errands in style, these pieces have you covered in the “casual but cool” department (don’t go looking for that one in stores).  Style them together, or mix them in with your other wardrobe favorites, we have a feeling they’ll quickly become a part of your go-to summer look.    


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As a designer and an entrepreneur, I am constantly keeping my eyes open for inspiration.  Not just for what I will create next, but for everything that comes along with building a brand, such as finding fun and fresh ways to get the product into the market.  I am thrilled to share the details of Emah's latest adventure in doing so. 

Last year I met the two amazing women behind Kon-Dor.  If you haven't already familiarized yourself with Kon-Dor, you should take a few minutes to do so.  Not only do they create beautiful and high quality hand bags, but they are redefining what it means to have a mission behind your business.  I am so inspired by the way these women emulate the ethos of their brand, and exude tremendous positivity.

This holiday season, Kon-Dor and Emah the Label are joining forces along with three other inspiring designers: Carla Speck, Monasita, and OAO New York, to create a weekend pop-up shop in downtown Manhattan.    

On Saturday December 12th, we will be at 149 Elizabeth Street from 10am-7pm.  I am so honored and exciting to be collaborating with these hard working women for such a great event. 

Here are some of the items Emah will be showcasing at the shop:

  • Tops hand painted by Callie McDonald, and hand made by Ellie Hottinger as part of the EMAHxCALLIE collaboration project.
  • Tops hand painted and hand made by Ellie Hottinger
  • Runway items from the Spring 15 show
  • Miscellaneous pieces from the Emah archives

To learn more about each pop up shop participant, visit their websites listed below and follow along to keep up with their stories! 

Hope to see you there!







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Anyone who knows Callie McDonald knows she is the doodle queen. However, do not be fooled by the elementary connotation of "doodle", for these are not your average scribbles. They are pure magic.  While Callie is experienced in a variety of artful mediums, it is her relationship simply with markers that fascinates me the most.  Her ability to transform blank space into a wonderful, whimsical, makes-you-feel-magical piece of art, is something I wanted to bring even more to life- and what better way than to give it a body?

This year, Emah and Callie are coming together to bring you the ultimate version of wearable art.  Our "EMAHxCALLIE" capsule collection will include two different styles of tops, each hand painted with a unique print by Callie.

For more on Callie and to view samples of her work, visit http://www.callie-mcdonald.com, and see below for sneak peak at what is to come!


Welcome to the World of Emah!

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We are so thrilled Emah finally has her very own space on the oh so wide web of the world.  Along with the launch of our website, comes some of the first items available for sale.  This is very exciting!  Before you begin shopping, here are some things you should know about Emah The Label:

  • Each piece is hand made in our New York City studio.
  • Every purchase supports local craftsmanship.  
  • No two items are exactly alike, keeping our pieces as special as their wearers : )
  • Only a limited number of each style is produced.  This allows us to keep our product line (as well as your closet) unique and diverse.

Our blog page is where we hope to keep you posted on all things Emah.  This includes updates on our collections, special projects, inspiration, behind the scenes photos, anything to document our story as we grow!