Welcome to the World of Emah!

Ellie HottingerComment

We are so thrilled Emah finally has her very own space on the oh so wide web of the world.  Along with the launch of our website, comes some of the first items available for sale.  This is very exciting!  Before you begin shopping, here are some things you should know about Emah The Label:

  • Each piece is hand made in our New York City studio.
  • Every purchase supports local craftsmanship.  
  • No two items are exactly alike, keeping our pieces as special as their wearers : )
  • Only a limited number of each style is produced.  This allows us to keep our product line (as well as your closet) unique and diverse.

Our blog page is where we hope to keep you posted on all things Emah.  This includes updates on our collections, special projects, inspiration, behind the scenes photos, anything to document our story as we grow!