ETL x KS Fashion Showcase

Ellie HottingerComment

I’m a big fan of collaborations.  I believe any time there is an opportunity for two or more parties to bring their strengths to the table and provide a unique product or experience, everybody wins. 

We see this take form in a variety of mediums across a variety of industries but it has become incredibly popular within the design community. 

What is often seen as a highly competitive arena, is now finding more ways to be a supportive one.  The belief that there is enough room for everyone to succeed is thankfully becoming increasingly contagious. 

This season I had a unique opportunity to throw a collaborative event with custom menswear brand, Knot Standard.  While we target different markets, design completely different products, and operate on opposite scales, we still have a fair amount in common.  We value quality materials and construction, we champion unique garment details, and we welcome opportunities to support other creatives. 

Rather than put together a traditional runway presentation, we planned a showcase to display our new collections in a more social fashion.  Hosted in the Chicago Knot Standard showroom, we gathered for a night of appreciating both the art of clothing and the community that supports our work. 

P.S. Treats by Bake Me Off--so cute & so delish, I recommend using if you are in the Chicago area!

P.P.S. In addition to creating limited edition womenswear, I also style custom menswear looks with Knot Standard! You can book an appointment with me to do so here: http://www.knotstandard.com/ellie/