TY, Leandra

Ellie HottingerComment

Leandra (Medine) Cohen made an interesting point recently that totally stuck with me. She said when she was younger she imagined herself becoming a fashion designer but explains how writing really suited her because it was a way to procure results immediately. (Note: I paraphrased.) THAT I thought, is exactly my problem as a designer. I am so eager to get to the end, so antsy to move on to the next thing buzzing in my brain that I struggle to devote a proper amount of time and attention to my current project. 

Even in design school, I was often scolded (I use that term lightly) for eliminating steps or cutting through corners (literally and figuratively) because my patience was nowhere near the level it needed to be.  Especially during a time meant solely for developing your skills and understanding each element of your craft—how could I have been so careless!? 

I’ve known this to be a weakness of mine for some time. While I’m working to find a better balance between embracing the process and moving forward, here’s hoping writing will be of some assistance.  It is not my intention to turn Emah’s blog into my personal diary but I’ve also decided there are no rules here. Holler if this is resonating with you.  If not, you can find your way to the shop page : ) 

P.S. If you haven’t already, go listen to Episode 60 of Monocycle with Leandra Medine: A Conversation With Lena Dunham, it’s brilliant.