Blurred Lines Between Work & Hobbies

Ellie HottingerComment

May 28, 2016

Maintaing (or rather striving for) balance is always a priority of mine no matter which aspect of my life it pertains to.  This can be particularly difficult when it comes to my work and my hobbies, especially when working in a creative arena.  While it is often tricky to separate the two, or decide where to focus my energy in order to attain that balance, I am coming to terms with the fact that it is OK for some lines to be blurry.  This became clear to me most recently in a  project where I was determined to incorporate one of my oldest and dearest hobbies: painting.    

Painting has always been not only incredibly enjoyable but also wildly therapeutic for me.  In high school, I took every painting class available to the point where an "individual study" course was created for me and a couple of other art students who just couldn't get enough.  I loved spending the hour after lunch in the sunlit studio of the school.  I felt completely removed from the rest of my day, a welcomed interruption from the rigid demands of my other courses. 

When I entered the apparel design program in college, my studio hours became understandably more focused on the art of clothing design and construction but I missed the form of expression I found in painting.  Now, I have found a way to bring painting back into my life while still pursuing fashion, in the most obvious form: paint the clothes.  While treating textiles in this manner is still very experimental for me, I welcome the opportunity to grow in a new direction, and learn something new along the way.     

Do you have a hobby you have lost touch with? Can you find a way to bring it back into your life? Do it! Do more of what you love and more of what makes you happy : )