Ellie HottingerComment

November 27, 2016

Envision: imagine as a future possibility; visualize.

How do you visualize when you don't know what is coming next?  How do you imagine which decisions you will make when the future possibilities are so uncertain?  This was my reality as I was preparing for the Fall 2016 Envision show.  

I had made up my mind to leave my job and to leave New York City, but didn't quite know what my next steps would be.  It was during this time that I committed to participating in the show and so it became very clear what the theme of my collection would be: transition. 

Transition: the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

This transpired so naturally into the clothing, and I identified so strongly with the pieces that came to be.  I learned that as we transition, we take some things with us, and leave others behind, a concept I applied both literally and artistically to the collection through various elements that flowed in and out of the garments to tell that story. 

This collection and the story it tells was pivotal for me both personally and professionally, and is one that I am very grateful for--I hope you enjoy!

Runway photos by Josh Stokes.

Styling by Amy Shetler.

Models: Ignite