Ellie HottingerComment

This story does not reveal any new secret you don’t already know.  It is a tale as old as time that there are no shortcuts when it comes to creating something you can take pride in. The funny thing is that it took my 10 year old Shih Tzu-Poodle, Shady, to remind me of that this morning.  

I took Shady on his first walk of the day as I was sipping on my first coffee of the day. While I had no reason to rush back home, I still looked to turn at each corner that would cut down the length of our walk.  Shady however was running the show and quietly but firmly let know that we would be walking the whole neighborhood, not just the block.  

Upon my return I was greeted by my sister who was wondering why we took so long.  I told her that Shady didn’t want to take any shortcuts this morning and that’s when hit me.  That this would be my lesson for the day.  It’s a simple one but in this moment it brought me peace since I am often anxious to find the next step, to see results, to get to the end goal.  Maybe you are too.

Slowing down does not equate to lack of productivity.  In a world of instant gratification and filtered success, I struggle to let myself marinate the moments in between.  These are moments to be mindful of as they offer time to reflect and to learn.  

Reflecting on my work resurfaces feelings of pride, offers details to learn from, and inspires me to keep going. 

Keep going.