Ellie HottingerComment

Transparency is a huge thing for me.  I value it in almost every sense: personally, professionally, fashionably (sheer blouses had a major moment in my closet). But when it comes to business it is absolutely necessary. Not only internally but also externally as consumer knowledge is incredibly powerful. So what does transparency mean at Emah The Label? I want you to know where your clothes are coming from, who is making them, and the mission you are supporting when you buy them.

Here are some things you may not know about ETL: 

  • All garment tags and business cards are made from 100% recycled paper
  • We use recycled textiles, and fabrics made with organic fibers
  • All garments are made in the USA paying fair wages for labor
  • Production is done on a made to order basis

Let’s unpack that last one because that is a HUGE shift in the way Emah operates.  While ETL collections have always been comprised of small batches and limited edition items, it wasn’t being done in the most efficient way to move forward.  Switching to made to order production means less wasted material, optimized labor, and more time and resources that can be funneled back into making ETL better as it continues to grow. 

With that, production will still be limited, keeping your wardrobe that much more unique. So how can you be sure to get first dibs on an item? Join Emah The List! Subscribers will be the first to know when new collections drop.