Frequently Asked Questions

What does Emah mean and how do you say it?

Pronounced like "Emma", Emah was derived from founder, Ellie Hottinger's initials (E.M.A.H.) Her mother was the one who thought of pushing them together to make the name and it stuck!

Where can i find Emah the label?

Currently Emah is only sold via the online shop here, and in pop-up shops and markets that ETL participates in.  if you are interested in stocking ETL at your shop, please reach out here and let's talk! 

Final sale? That freaks me out. 

ETL’s Made to Order method is part of our commitment to sustainability. Rather than produce an excess supply of each garment, the fabric is not cut until an order is placed, saving both materials and unnecessary labor.  Of course if there is an issue with the fit of an item, we are happy to work with you to get you a proper garment.  

What does "deadstock" mean?

Deadstock fabrics are sourced from larger retailers who have leftover materials from production, or will no longer be running a specific  textile.  Utilizing deadstock means saving these resources from going to waste and is a sustainable alternative to milling more fabric. They are often a discontinued style, making them perfect for limited edition items : )