Frequently Asked Questions

What does Emah mean and how do you say it?

Pronounced like "Emma", Emah was derived from my initials E.M.A.H. Elizabeth Mary Angela Hottinger.  My mom was the one who thought of the acronym as a name for my clothing and it stuck!

I don't see my size, where is it?

Many of the garments available for purchase are samples that were made for runway shows that Emah The Label participated in.  These garments have not had duplicates made and are truly one of a kind but also means there is only one size available.  However, most of my designs are not form fitting and have adjustable waistbands and closures.  I do this in hopes that these samples will fit a greater variety of body shapes and sizes.  As Emah continues to grow, I hope to product more samples in more sizes while keeping items numbered so your collection of garments stays unique. 

Who does your production?

I do.  Your are looking at one woman show here, so bear with me : )  I graduated with a degree in Apparel Design in 2013 from the University of Minnesota where sewed my little heart out for four years.  I love being so intimately involved with the pieces and exploring new ways to manipulate fabric while practicing clean and precise construction methods. 

Where can I find Emah The Label in stores?

Currently Emah is only sold via the online shop here.  I have participated in pop up shops in the past and am open to doing more in future! If you have events or stores where you would like to feature Emah The Label, send me a message and let's talk!