Designed with intent. Made with integrity.

Emah's DNA

Elevated separates are the DNA of Emah The Label collections. Cultivating the ultimate blend of classic and novelty, Emah provides wearable pieces that amplify the personality of a wardrobe.

Style & Quality

I am extremely passionate about textiles. When it comes to colors, textures, and patterns, only the best make the cut. I am mindful of fabric manipulations that will highlight the best features of the fabric and allow for impeccable construction. When designing the garments I search for details that will resonate with and inspire the wearer.

Emah The Label was started by Minnesota native, Ellie Hottinger. What began as a personal expression of creativity, evolved into a brand that stays true to her core mission: to create artful yet wearable pieces that come from a place of heart and integrity.


100% Handmade

Each item is handmade in the Emah The Label studio. What does that mean for you? 

  1. Special attention to textiles, construction, & detail ensures quality crafted garments.
  2. Each item is unique and our limited quantities provide you with unmatched style.
  3. You get to support local design and production.

Handmade garments are a nod to the artisanal beauty of apparel design.  Like all craftsmanship, there is a connection between the maker and the final product.  By wearing this clothing, you are truly wearing art.  

Make Mama (Earth) Proud

Emah The Label utilizes recycled fabrics and organic textiles that come in limited quantities.  This helps reduce textile waste, while keeping designs numbered and unique.   

Hottinger created looks that could easily evolve from season to season. Each piece was thoughtfully designed and executed, with solid clean construction.
— Letoile Magazine